• Episode 6: NFL Free Agency

    For this week's episode, we bring on Robert Land of the Houston Sports Talk Podcast to talk about free agency thus far, the moves the Texans have made, as well as the moves they have not made. We discuss the outlook for next season in regards to draft needs, the offensive line, and Whitney Mercilus' role with the team moving forward.

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  • Episode 5: NFL Combine Press Conferences

    In this episode, we bring on Matt Hammond of The Matt Hammond Show to talk about Bill O'Brien and Brian Gaine's Press Conference, as well as some possible upcoming roster movement in regards to Kevin Johnson and Jadeveon Clowney. We also discuss the differing opinions on Bill O'Brien and his future with the Texans organization.

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  • Episode 4: Nuk's #1, Change My Mind

    Along with Kareem Hunt to Cleveland, we cover what's happening around the NFL and the possible implications for the Texans. We discuss the crazy AB saga, and make the case for why Hop sits atop the field of WR’s in the NFL. After some interesting Texans takes on the upcoming offseason, Max brings back our “Get Heated!” segment and gets the hottest reaction so far!

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  • Episode 3: Reacting to Texans Coaching Changes

    In this episode we discuss the promotion of Tim Kelly to offensive coordinator and the hiring of quarterbacks coach Carl Smith. Da Windy City of Fansided contributor Usayd Koshul comes on the pod to give his early predictions for next season's playoffs. We also discuss the possibility of a big blockbuster move this offseason.

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  • Episode 2: Super Bowl Week

    In this episode, we break down some options for the Texans from last week's Senior Bowl. We also discuss the Super Bowl, some matchups, predictions, and bets for this weekend.

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  • Episode 1: What Went Wrong in 2018

    In this episode we discuss some of the issues that the Texans faced in the 2018 season, as well as some that they'll have to address this offseason. We also make predictions for the upcoming playoff games, and reveal some our favorite bets for the conference championship games. 

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