About Me

After working on a 7 round mock draft and big board for the 2018 draft for personal enjoyment, I decided to share my work and opinions online. I began with write-ups on team draft plans and first round decisions. My plan has always been to expand my database for forthcoming drafts, and the plan is to have 300+ players in my database, with grading and player profiles for each of them. 


A little bit about my personal life; I am a sophomore majoring in Psychology at The University of Western Ontario. My family and my girlfriend are very important to me. I'm a fan of Michigan State football and basketball. This allows tons of exposure to the B1G but I make sure to watch as many games around the nation as possible. Living in Canada, I became a fan of the Texans by following after my father who grew up a Houston Texans fan as well.


I am the managing editor for Full Press Coverage Texans, as well as Last Word on Sports. I am also a contributor for Snack Time Fantasy and Toro Times of Fansided. More recently, I have started up a podcast called Tackling the Texans, of which I am one of the co-hosts along with Eli Blachowitz. I am always open to new writing opportunities and marketing exposure and I would love to discuss any opportunities or anything football on either of my Twitter accounts @MaxEFreedman.


Telephone: (647) 998-2035

Email Address: texansjournal@gmail.com

Twitter: @MaxEFreedman